At Eraković Consulting we consult for companies big and small. Our approach offers a connected view of your business to drive the relationships between your strategy, processes and systems, no matter your size. With your end goal in mind, we enable your strategy to be executed and your processes to be effectively managed, automated and integrated into the systems/platforms that interface with your internal and external customers.


Strategic Project/Program Management Solutions

Eraković Consulting is a leader in helping businesses drive performance and operational efficiency. We’ll help you enhance PMO capabilities and improve project performance. We specialise in:

  • Governance counsel, support and training

  • Project mentoring and calibration

  • Project audit, stabilisation and handover

  • Project/Program delivery

  • Accelerated delivery

Eraković Consulting is the niche provider clients seek out when looking to implement critical business-enhancing, agile PMO services that deliver, from extremely difficult and challenging circumstances or recovery and stabilisation of a failing program or project.


leadership Development

Leadership vision and strategy planning are at the heart of organisational success. At Eraković Consulting, we’ll help you:

  • Define directional objectives, business imperatives and organisational aspirations

  • Deliver measurable value using an iterative transformation roadmap

  • Identify insightful benchmarks and value models

  • Map existing and needed skills, roles, processes, and resources

  • Prioritise and plan transformation projects

  • Change Management and transition planning


Risk, Compliance and Information Assurance

Risk, compliance and information assurance are critical aspects of organisational digital risk and exposure management.

  • At Eraković Consulting we’ll make sure you can rest easy knowing you have all your boxes ticked. We’ll help you with:

  • Risk identification and assessment

  • Compliance assessment and review

  • Audit analysis and improvement implementation

Business Architecture

As business architecture consultants, Eraković Consulting will bring significant experience and knowledge to your strategic directives and investment planning cycles. We’ll help you with:

  • Current state Business Architecture audits

  • Application portfolio rationalisation

  • Business transition readiness assessments

  • Value stream definition

  • Post-merger business integration planning

[Eleanor’s]... knowledge and attitude have been fantastic and have helped me succeed in business as well as in life. Eleanor is passionate about what she does and this passion runs off and has helped me achieve my goals!!

I would not hesitate to recommend Eleanor to any of my clients!
— Chris, HHQ